Windows update is being blocked from updating

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I've unblocked for the Windows Update service and still nothing. If you have your computer so locked down, that it is basically a doorstop. A good Gateway for your network is sufficient to protect the LAN.It is the user's poor habits that gets them into trouble and causes an infected machine.With Windows Firewall, you won't get any notifications of blocked outbound connections, so you will need to set up logging.

In all likelihood, it's probably being blocked from making TCP connections to ports 80 and 443, because from memory these aren't part of core networking rules.Personally I'd let all genuine Windows processes make outbound connections, Windows already has Ring Zero, it can do whatever it wants anyway.NB: The event logs will show protocols as numbers rather than acronyms TCP, UDP, etc.To exclude driver updates on Windows 10, do the following: Once you disable the option your computer will no longer get driver updates through the Windows Update service.Keep in mind that preventing Windows 10 from installing driver updates can also have a negative effect, as outdated drivers can also cause issues in the long run.

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