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Just west of Whanganui are cliffs made of layer upon layer of sedimentary rocks, formed during the Pleistocene period.This is one of only a few places in the world where a great thickness of rocks of this age can be studied on land.Offering a sun terrace and views of the garden, Browns Boutique Bed and Breakfast is located in the heart Whanganui.Each room offers its own bedroom area, breakfast/seating area and private bathroom....Each of the main layers near Whanganui represents rocks laid down during interglacials, whereas the boundaries between the layers mark where rock was eroded away during glacial periods. These cores provide uninterrupted sequences of rocks going back millions of years.Scientists have measured oxygen isotopes present in the shells of microscopic fossil plankton, called foraminifera, in these rocks.In 1991 the New Zealand Geographic Board responded to calls from some local Māori by changing the name of the river to Whanganui.In 2009 the public were consulted on whether to extend the change of name to the town.

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Alan uses the fossils in each layer to help work out if the water the sediments were laid down in was deep or shallow and if it was warm or cool.

A notice on a kitchen tent at Moutoa Gardens, Whanganui, during an occupation by members of local iwi, 14 March 1995.

In February 1995 Te Rūnanga Pākaitore began a 79-day occupation of Moutoa Gardens that was intended to restore the mana of the Whanganui people over the site.

One way to get them is to use the fission track method on zircon crystals in thin layers of tephra that have been trapped in the rocks.

The tephra is made of ash from ancient eruptions of volcanoes in the central North Island.

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