Visio hangs updating directory cache

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The check box in question is now called Match all objects with similar contents, instead of Match all similar objects.

As a result, matching table cells to objects can be an appropriate match.

Create a new attribute in a module, edit the attribute, clear the Inherit from parent check box on the Access (Value) tab, and then click OK. Select the Access (Value) tab and select any user or group in the list.

The Remove and Edit buttons are now available and the access rights can be edited.

The problem has been identified and a fix from Microsoft is pending.

In the meantime, IBM has developed a workaround to this problem and implemented it in Rational DOORS version

When you type the same letter again, the second entry beginning with that letter is highlighted, and so on. Previously, when you updated an Excel spreadsheet that was embedded in a module as an icon, and then you selected another object in the module, the updates to Excel could be lost. When you use search and replace, you can choose to search all the attributes in the view.If there was a subsequent search of the group, and the deleted user fulfilled the criteria of the search, the search would fail. If you do not have Admin access to the parent folder of a module, and if the module has Linkset control specified that does not allow links between the same module, running the Module Comparison Wizard to compare baselines no longer results in a DXL error.The correct message is now displayed instead of the DXL error.When using the Module Comparison Wizard, table cells were being matched to objects.Changes to the criteria used in the Module Comparison Wizard have resulted in this defect being fixed.

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