Vampire knight dating quizzes

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The main characters, Zero and Yuki, both have very sad pasts; Zero had his family killed by a vampire, and Yuki's first memory was a vampire attacking her.

These pasts, which are revealed fairly early in the series, make a good base for their relationship and their emotional struggles.

Zero usually pushed her away and also refused to share things.

The other vampires were pretty lame though, just a bunch of generic bishounen who were totally loyal to Kaname cuz the mangaka said so.

Character The characters are what I disliked the most, especially Yuki. She carried around a cool-looking staff that seemed to have magical properties, but never once used it well.

Usually, she'd just bring it out only to drop it when someone said something upsetting or when she tripped. Maybe the next season will explain why she is in the middle of all of this, but I think season 1 should give the heroine SOME value.

What I usually enjoy in anime shows is watching the protagonist learn and grow.

It's okay if the protagonist starts out ordinary or weak or with a massive crush, so long as they become stronger. Kaname kept protecting her without explaining anything.

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