Validating user input in html Masturbation date site

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As example – we will using this to validate of password field (second field – confirm password field).

So, we can mark element is invalid using set Custom Validity method. Just check this function ‘validate Pass’ to understand what it doing.

However, nce you understand the differences, it will be easy to select the appropriate one for any situation.

The well implemented in both the native Android browser and the Chrome browser app for Android.

The field under validation must exist on a given database table. The field under validation must be an IPv4 address.

The field under validation must be an IPv6 address.

The field under validation must end with one of the given values.

But anyway, even if this will allow us to validate data, never forgot to check received data at server side before working (especially before inserting to database).

Never trust all incoming data – it will protect you from any unexpected cases.

Very hope that HTML5 will supported by most of browsers soon.

Just because it will give us possibility to make really user friendly forms.

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