Validating the ds1 remote agent experiment married dating in cottonwood minnesota

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A second quick-response "cleanroom" verification effort found the concurrency error in a short amount of time.

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Other equally important goals of the experimentwere to decrease the risk of deploying Remote Agents on future missions and to familiarize the spacecraft engineering community with the Remote Agent approach.The Java Path Finder tool which directly translates from Java to PROMELA was developed as part of this research, as well as automatic abstraction tools.In 1999 the flight software flew on a space mission, and a deadlock occurred in a sibling subsystem to the one which was the focus of the first verification effort.NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS), COMPUTER PROGRAMMING, SOFTWARE ENGINEERING, FLIGHT CONTROL, SYSTEMS ENGINEERING, AUTONOMY, LISP (PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE), JAVA (PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE), ERRORS, APPLICATIONS PROGRAMS (COMPUTERS), PROGRAM VERIFICATION (COMPUTERS), Havelund, Klaus, Lowry, Mike, Park, Seung Joon, Pecheur, Charles, Penix, John, Visser, Willem, White, Jon L., This paper describes two separate efforts that used the SPIN model checker to verify deep space autonomy flight software.The first effort occurred at the beginning of a spiral development process and found five concurrency errors early in the design cycle that the developers acknowledge would not have been found through testing.

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