Updating old dining room furniture

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It's instant class, elegant, uncontrived," said William Diamond, the New York designer famous for his wild, bold colors.

"In a guest room that seems a little staid, paint the bed.

"I'm always having old dining room chairs stripped and painted—so light and airy, rather than the heavy thud of old brown wood.

Or just buy new ones at the Door Store and paint them this lovely pale yellow, like the inside of a banana," said the Prince of Chintz, Mario Buatta.

They used wood laminate flooring to redo this ugly, scratched and old piece of furniture.

Many people are opting for an open concept kitchen and shifting what “dining” means to them. The idea of a separate dining room to host family on holidays is still idealized and loved by many.

But for just a few dollars, you can update your dining table with paint or stain and fabric in just a weekend, for a whole new decorating look!

Check out these easy directions, then do a DIY dining table makeover! ) Here are the basics of doing a dining table makeover, whether you redo your dining table with paint, chalk paint, or stain. She has all the supplies she used listed on her post for you. Before After Lauren at ‘Bless’er House‘ found this gorgeous carved wood table on FB marketplace for 0.

In brown it looked dreary, so I painted it pomegranate red.

(Or other, more creative options, like in some of these tutorials below! Before After ‘Shrimp Salad Circus‘ walks you through how she did her dining table makeover with chalk paint! With some paint and stain she created a two tone stunner! Before After So we like this slightly traditional, but still fresh take on a dining table makeover from ‘Lucy Lemonade‘.

) Supplies: Find a place to work where you don’t have to worry about dust, paint drips and a mess. If you have to redo your dining set outside, make sure it is not a windy day to prevent your paint job from being ruined by dust and debris. She took a cheap, everyday oak tone table, and turned it into something special with paint and a stencil.

Or perhaps you don’t have the budget for a major renovation.

Either way, we’re here to help you design a modern dining room.

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