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These are all items that at some point in your life you will need to utilize.Even if you have a job that requires wearing sweats every day, you will still use these at some point.Identify key investment pieces you need and budget for them, like shoes, knits, coats and bags or any basics that need replacing.Think of special events you have coming up and if you need to buy anything specific for these.Also, think back to what you wore in previous years and if these looks can be carried on to this season and still look chic.Go online and look at your favourite web stores and view their latest autumn/winter collection.Autumn and Winter clothing choices tend to be more monochrome, however, if colour is your preference then think about tones of navy, khaki, magenta, maroon and vivid red, which are excellent additions to neutral tones.Pastels are also big again this year as are jewel tones of emerald green, sapphire blue and bright orange.

Winter clothes can be more expensive so you want them to be able to be carried through to next year.

So if you haven’t already turned over a new leaf and started planning your winter wardrobe essentials, we have come up with ten tips to help you get started. There is no better way to make space (for more items of course) and to evaluate everything you own, than going through your wardrobe methodically, piece by piece.

Throw away anything that hasn’t been worn in the last twelve months or no longer fits you.

It is still acceptable to buy a few trendy pieces to carry your core wardrobe through each season and to give your wardrobe a refreshing lift.

Consider purchasing sports luxe, minimalist and masculine as well as graphic prints in bold geometric, oriental and stripe varieties.

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