Updating gps units

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A 7” display in a smaller vehicle might seem to block too much of the view through the windshield!If possible, test drive a navigation system with your car to determine which size display is best for your situation.The most popular sizes for a navigation system’s display are 5", 6", and 7".However, models as small as 3.5” are widely available. Most people with average vision find a 5" screen quite comfortable, but that opinion changes if the unit is mounted in a larger vehicle, such as a van or RV.

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Several owners commented that they would have preferred a curly cable.

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Yes, it is possible to use your smartphone for navigation, but you're also using it for a half dozen other tasks.

Dashboard layout and driving position in those vehicles cause the navigation system to be mounted farther from the driver’s eyes than in a smaller sedan. The latter are particularly popular with professional truckers.

On the other hand, a big-screen GPS may not be the best choice in a compact or subcompact car.

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