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Last week, I responded to an email asking me how I post my tweets or tweets I liked to my Facebook page.

It took off over the weekend, garnering a ton of tweets and retweets.

Pro Tip: Facebook posts from Facebook pages, rather than individuals, are much more likely to be open to the public.

Therefore, sharing a post from a Facebook page is less likely to run into the privacy restrictions than those that are posted by your friends.1) Start by finding the post you want to share.

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Facebook, on the other hand, allows users a significantly broader set of privacy options.

”The steps are fairly similar, but there are some additional privacy concerns that you need to be aware of when it comes to Facebook.

This means that the post is visible to everyone.4) If the privacy settings are okay, just select the URL in the browser and copy it.They can set the privacy of a post to be as granular as only showing to themselves, to as expansive as showing it to the whole world.Between those binary options, there are a TON of different levels.TRUST ME.2) Next, click the link to the date/time that the post was published.This will take you to the individual post, rather than showing it in your timeline or in the timeline of the Facebook page you are viewing.3) Before you share the post, check the privacy settings to see whether it is even worth sharing.

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