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There are a few improvements that can require modifying existing application code, although we believe that for the majority of applications the impact will be low, in most cases requiring just recompilation and minimal guided changes to replace obsolete APIs. The other common alternative is to implement to align with the working directory used by Visual Studio when running your application.Updating an existing application to EF Core 2.0 may require: Applications targeting ASP. One observable side effect of this is that SQLite filenames are now relative to the project directory and not the output directory like they used to be.Event IDs, payload types, and categories are documented in the Core Event Id and the Relational Event Id classes. This means that a store-generated value will always be obtained regardless of whether any value has been set or modified on the tracked entity.Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. Even after installing ansible correctly does not change the version.

That was resolved by switching to the newer version of the SDK, however that isn't an option here... Diagnostic Source events now use the same event ID names as the corresponding messages. Strongly consider removing any calls to have been obsoleted and replaced with Before Save Behavior and After Save Behavior.The event payloads are all nominal types derived from Event Data. These behaviors apply to any property (not only store-generated properties) and determine how the value of the property should be used when inserting into a database row (). On Add Or Update (for example, for computed columns) will by default ignore any value currently set on the property.1 - download the latest version (v2.1.302 as of now) of . NET Core SDK here: https:// 2 - install it and run the following command in Visual Studio dotnet --info .

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