Typological sequence dating

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The lowest part of the sequence consists of riverine gravel and sand deposits.

This gives way successively to a swamp with numerous aquatic plants, then a shallow lake deposit.

No direct dates are available at SDG localities 3–5.

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A review of the techno-typological characteristics of assemblages found in the Shuidonggou area further expands our understanding of cultural variability, adaptation, and demographic dynamics of modern humans in Late Pleistocene northern China.).

Finally the marginal bank depositional conditions deteriorated and the desert steppe environment formed (Liu et al.

As of this writing, eight of the 12 SDG localities (SDG 1–5, 7–9, and 12) have been excavated.

In East Asia, the diversity of cultural entities seems to be greater.

Blade assemblages with western Eurasian UP features and various expedient non-laminar, core and flake assemblages were present in different regions, especially in north Asia (Bar-Yosef and Wang ).

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