Tyler hilton dating

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Over the years, the singer has basically played out our "wildest dreams" as she stars alongside big heartthrobs for her singles.Remember when she cried over One Tree Hill's Tyler Hilton?What about when she had a steamy makeout session with Scott Eastwood?Check out every single piece of eye candy featured in Taylor Swift's videos over the past 10 years.What has the fan reaction been like since the news broke he was actually a love interest? I was already watching it when I got the call that the producers wanted me to come in.

"I have a feeling people are also going to be rooting for Noah and Ginny. But Noah's character, specifically, is a really great fit for Ginny." Hilton, who was watching before he landed the role, feels the same way.I’m sure most of you have heard we’re engaged or read it in a magazine somewhere so this is less an announcement and more a thank you thank you thank you! If I’m not with Meg it seems I’m with you all somewhere in the world and after meeting so many of you over the years that keeps her resting easy cause y’all are good people to be spending time with. Lauren mustered up the courage to tell Tyler, “I think we have something good going on here… That’s when Lauren knew she didn't care where she was, as long as they were together.and I want to stay in DFW to see how things go instead of moving to Austin.” MUCH to Lauren's surprise Tyler’s response was, “If you want to be in Austin, move to Austin.

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