Truth in dating

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To put it bluntly: women are inclined to be picky when it comes to relationships.

Men, as we know, will mate with the highest value woman who will have him — which sometimes means the only girl in the bar. And it makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint, as a woman is making — at least symbolically and instinctually — an incredible investment/risk when she has sex with a man.

Yes, a woman could still select the highest value man she could find, but she had to marry him, meaning both were off the market.

However, in a society where marriage is merely a voluntary contract that can be broken at anytime for almost any reason, and where sexual freedom is encouraged and accepted, hypergamy runs its natural course. Large numbers of women pursue small numbers of the most attractive, high status men.

As a consequence, he made Grace feel “slutty” and she didn’t like that, which is totally understandable.

Disclaimer: none of what you are about to read is about assigning values, i.e. I am simply describing what has and is happening in our society with regard to male/female relationships, so don’t blame me: I’m just the messenger. Before we begin, something should be known: it doesn’t have to be this way… I’ll admit that my first couple of years dating post-divorce weren’t very good: I wasn’t excited about most of the women I met (this is the rule for 95% of men SOD) and I blew it with the few exceptions to that rule.

Today it’s the opposite: I’m excited about every woman I meet because I’m not relying on SOD for my social life (I choose them rather than the other way around) — and my love life is fun and exciting.

I should point out here that some people are just happy to be in a relationship — any relationship — and have little to no discretion as long as they’re sleeping next to a warm body.

I’m not judging those people, but they tend to be less good looking, less successful, and less discerning than others.

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