Tourettes syndrome and dating

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Complex motor tics might include facial grimacing combined with a head twist and a shoulder shrug. Complex tics are distinct, coordinated patterns of movements involving several muscle groups.Simple vocal tics may include throat-clearing, sniffing/snorting, grunting, or barking. Perhaps the most dramatic and disabling tics include motor movements that result in self-harm such as punching oneself in the face or vocal tics including coprolalia (uttering socially inappropriate words such as swearing) or echolalia (repeating the words or phrases of others).However, coprolalia is only present in a small number (10 to 15 percent) of individuals with TS.Tourettes (TS) waxes and wanes and some people have it worse than others.

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Tourettes is so hard for the person dealing with it.

The more they become self-conscious, the more the tics might happen.

Tics do not go away during sleep but are often significantly diminished.

top Tics come and go over time, varying in type, frequency, location, and severity.

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