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we have been together for 5 years now and have known each other for 15 years. Little too late or better late than never Not rated yet Hi Long story short as I can make it. We have been together 16 years and have lived together 10 years and have 3 children … When he’s not being absolutely horrible to me he’s the most … They may be with your "significant other", your kids or your parents. Which is why we offer this forum for your relationship questions and answers. Here's the place to talk about it, and to ask for help from a couples counselor and others who've been there. Not rated yet My husband and I have been together for almost 3 years and married for 1 year. I have recently checked our computer which my 57 year old husband mostly uses, and I found my husband had been searching for and viewing teen … Not rated yet A week ago my husband and I were arguing, he said to me "nothing you say makes any sense" I said to him "You almost never have anything positive to say …Please note: The advice and comments on this forum are not intended to be clinical treatment or constitute therapy. He is 10 yrs older than me and already had 4 kids with another woman. My boyfriend has become very close to his sons girlfriend. We have a 18 month old together and we both have several kids from previous … Post pregnancy, getting horny many times a day, is that normal? Husbands Double Life causing big problems please help Not rated yet My husband has what I feel is like a double life. Not rated yet Our fight started Friday, July 27th and it is now Sunday, July 29th.Click on the links below to help others with their relationship problems, and read what a couples counselor thinks. I lost all my self confidence after getting married! Completely down after 22 years-don't know what to do Not rated yet Long story short: together with wife for 25 years, married 22. Needing advice of husband with insomnia Not rated yet My husband and I have been together for 4.5 years.. Not rated yet My wife and I rent out some property on our farm and recently my wife received a letter from a guy who used to stay on one of our cottages that we have … Time for Change - can't keep my family together anymore Not rated yet I've been lingering in a situation for years now. My wife doesn't like me watching football Not rated yet Ok... My husbands name is still on his ex wife’s vehicle Not rated yet My husband and I are best friends but the marriage has been rocky from the beginning.Discordant sexual desires and all the trouble that comes with it The quick rundown: I'm that typical guy in an amazing marriage that's perfect besides the sex life. His insomnia started about 10 months into the relationship. I Married into a Bad Situation Not rated yet I married a interesting, competent, good provider, man 28 years ago. My husband is alienating our neighbors and the money that comes with them Not rated yet My husband is a carpenter who has been working in our little community on odd jobs for the last 8 years. So despite my wife watching pretty much everything she wants on the TV she despises me watching my football team play once a week. Sorry: This question is sexual in nature Not rated yet My husband and I have been together 16 years, married 8 years. Not rated yet Married with one child and another from her previous relationship. Not rated yet My husband and I have been together for 14 years. He will keep things from me but he doesn’t consider that lying. I AM DATING A MARRIED MAN WHO CANNOT LIVE HIS KIDS Not rated yet Leaving the kids is really the hardest thing to do, My bf moved out from his home 3 months ago and told his wife he want separation, he has 4 kids, 13, …Don't miss the articles at the end of this section on “Friendship” and “Safety in Relationships.” Teen Health FX offers a wide range of advice and information to teenagers covering health, sexuality, dating, family and friends, and emotional health issues.See the “For Teens by Teens” section for advice written by teens on the issues that matter most to you.

This guide teaches teens about what makes healthy relationships and how to know if you're in a healthy relationship (whether it's with parents, friends or someone you’re dating).Contact a licensed marriage and family therapist if you need clinical help. Not rated yet I am a male, near forty, married and a father of one. He has his family life where he is dad and husband and a decent one at that but then he has his other … Not rated yet My husband and I met in his home state of Texas 10 years ago. I'm losing my mind about how else to handle these petty little arguments that seem …Here's the place to talk about it, and to ask for help from a couples counselor and others who've been there. Since we got pregnant 2 years ago and afterward when our lovely daughter was born, our sexual life … It has not always been that way, but it is our current situation. We spent 5 years there, then moved to Tennessee where we’ve spent the last 5 years. Completely emasculated and isolated Not rated yet Financially secure and wealthy. The current wife of 5 years has completely isolated me, treats me like … Not rated yet He is my colleague and younger to me. I know that he knows it and enjoys it but till date have not shown that much interest … My Marriage is in real trouble and she has shut me out. I have made the changes and dedicated myself to just working so she can have better things. Husband keeps comparing me physically to his ex-girlfriends?I have been with my boyfriend of 5 years now (He's 26).Because it's always been my dream to marry young, and also since …

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