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Some safety strategies include making personalized plans for teens to be safe at home, while traveling, and at school.It may be appropriate for the provider or the family to file a police report if there are injuries or the victim feels inclined to do so, or in cases of statutory rape.It is critically important to be aware that each state has different statutes on what constitutes statutory rape.Be sure to be familiar with the current statutes for your state.Discuss the situation with Audrey and enlist her help in informing her mother and authorities.This gives Audrey some control over the situation while still meeting mandated reporting requirements.Although some research has examined strategies that are useful for the adjustment outcomes associated with the transition, more research understanding student perceptions of what is helpful in the…Studies examining student-level outcomes associated with interprofessional team collaboration in schools remain anecdotal despite repeated calls for well-designed, rigorous, multimethod research.The purpose of the current study was to use a mixed-methods approach to explore how interprofessional team collaboration affects student-level outcomes…The community school movement represents a promising approach to school reform that brings much-needed attention to the intersections of child, family, and community well-being.

Although the causes of disproportionality in exclusionary school discipline are interrelated and complex, one solution is to introduce alternatives to suspensions and expulsions that discipline students while keeping them engaged in school.

The Hope Squad program uses trained students to intentionally facilitate help-seeking with distressed peers.

Suicide concern contact data (SCCD) from school counseling centers were collected from 2013 to 2017 as part of routine…The middle school transition has been identified as a difficult time for youths, resulting in adjustment difficulties across a variety of domains.

A sample of school social work practitioners across the United States (N = 260) provided a response to the qualitative prompt: "In general, how do you think school safety in the United States can be…Research on inclusion for students with emotional-behavioral disabilities (EBD) has typically focused on male participants, because data are limited on female students who fit the criteria for having an EBD and are often misdiagnosed.

This qualitative case study adds to the very limited research on the inclusion experiences of girls with EBD.…Strong teacher support is associated with and predictive of fewer depressive symptoms among youths.

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