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Usually, jocks will play aggressive sports such as football and basketball.Examples from television shows include Ryan Shay in the sitcom Suburgatory and Jimmy Armstrong (Dan Cortese) in the sitcom Hot in Cleveland.The stereotype is most prevalent in movies for teenagers such as College, American Pie, and the Revenge of the Nerds movies.The stereotype extends beyond the high-school and collegiate age group, trickling down into media intended for younger audiences.In the United Kingdom, the term 'Jock' is a stereotypical (possibly, but not necessarily, derogatory) term for a Scotsman.Jocks are often present in books, movies, and television shows involving high school and college.Jocks are usually presented as practitioners of team sports such as football, lacrosse, basketball, baseball, soccer and hockey.Similar words that may mean the same as jock (in North America) include meathead, musclebrain, and musclehead.

As a protagonist, the jock is often a dynamic character who through an epiphany or new understanding will lead to a change in the values of the jock.

These terms are based on the stereotype that a jock is muscular but not very smart, and cannot carry a conversation on any topic other than one relating to sports and exercise.

"Jock" is also a derogatory word used by the English towards Scottish men.

There are also numerous jock antagonists found in teen dramas such as the rapist Dean Walton from Degrassi.

On the show Pretty Little Liars, Emily Fields is the athletic one of the group.

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