Tchat sex and the city

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Gabriel Macht plays an artist whose main passion isn’t painting, but hanging around in his birthday suit with gorgeous women.

This early episode, and Barkley’s unabashed preference for sleeping with models, is the perfect frame for introducing Carrie’s friends: Miranda is disgusted, Charlotte wants to fix herself, and Samantha declares she’s just as attractive as a model and decides to sleep with Barkley.

Unkempt, unconcerned, and cute as hell, Sam is an amusing rewatch not only for the cameo but also for the memories of what it was like dating in your 20s.

What better opportunity for a cool guest star than when Carrie Bradshaw kisses a woman for the first time?

Going back to rewatch Sex and the City is fantastic for a number of reasons: the throwbacks (remember when Carrie learned how to “chat” online?

); the fashion (the trends the show started, and the ones that have since come back), and, of course, the great stories of female empowerment (Miranda buying her own apartment).

To quote her, “Honey, they don’t call it a job for nothing.” But really, is there a difference between 13-year-olds and 30-somethings?

No list would be complete without a throwback to the early days, when guest stars were still speaking straight to camera, and each of Carrie’s columns were front and center.Jenny and her friends dress like, talk like, and act like Sam and co., and it makes all of the women wonder if they’ve grown up at all.It’s fun to watch Dennings, in her first credited role, face-off against the confident Kim Cattrall, and think about all of the sass we’ll see from her in the future.Another great reason: A game of “where are they now?” Sex and the City is chock-full of one-episode walk-ons by actors who, at the time, may have flown under your radar.

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