Taiwan singles dating sites

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Unfortunately this is still evident in the way that families are structured in Taiwan.According to traditional Chinese customs, a married woman has to move from her parent’s house to that of her husband’s parents.A Taiwanese friend told me she recently broke up with her boyfriend.This happened after his father told her that she wouldn’t be allowed to see her friends during weekdays if she moved in with them.Sky-high property prices in Taiwan make it difficult for young couples to move out on their own.This often causes married couples to live with two or three generations of family members — in one apartment. It’s almost unheard of for a man to move in with his wife’s family.

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You’ll see many relationships between Western men and Taiwanese women in contrast to the other way around – Western women with Taiwanese men.

This dynamic isn’t unique to Taiwan but it’s a reality that’s hard to ignore on an island this small.

So rare are sightings of Western female/Asian male couples in Taiwan that spotting one walking hand in hand is enough to make one’s head turn.

Working long overtime hours at the behest of their employers, or tackling what I would consider to be leisure activities with ruthless and robotic precision, are often part of reality here. Taiwanese people who do make time for dating still might approach it differently to Westerners.

Because of this work ethic, Taiwanese people generally have less free time than their Western peers. They often view traditional Western dating rites (like going to the movies or to a nice restaurant for dinner) as frivolous.

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