Sri lanka sexting demotivational dating posters

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Consent is not a tick-box exercise, it is an active process.

Saying “yes” once doesn’t mean saying "yes" to everything forever – consent has boundaries, it can be withdrawn, it can’t be gained through coercion. Teachers play such an important role in young people’s lives.

Actually, right at the beginning of the panic about sexting, there was an article in the AARP magazine advocating sexting as a fun way to spice up your love life for the 50-plus set.

So, there’s a radically different discourse about sexting for teenagers compared to adults.

The latest figures from Police Scotland show that this has happened to girls as young as 11.

We may not like it, but we have to be ready to prevent the abuse of trust and power and respond when someone makes the choice to share those images, a move which they know will degrade and humiliate.

But what we should be worried about are the problems caused by people who distribute sexy photos without their creators’ consent.

Hasinoff also clearly notes the hypocrisy of online privacy: We have strong laws protecting companies against pirating and sharing of movies, books, and music, but we’re quick to blame individuals when their private personal information is stolen and disseminated online.

If we aren’t, then the consequences can be devastating.

We routinely hear from girls who have had their private and personal pictures shared and then, in the space of seconds, those same images have been spread like wildfire both within and beyond school communities.

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