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LONDON, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1985 Good Friday, annd _ i under the Art of Uurb 3. This v/as with 2,000 schools haring’ to close for all' or part of the day and 20,000 others disrupted "to some extent. described him as a man with a very inadequate personality, who had little msight into tbe quality or weak- ness of his actions.

Thatcher replied that he totally and Utterly ignor- that the dollar had against a H European Poliiicrd Correspondent tuallv only two things one can do against a surge of curren- cies. •- It is joint intervention, on a comparatively small scale compared with the enormous sums moving -round. make positive moves Jbe^UM chief said the board national executive members to ) var f ^ s e nding the pit strike , was p repare d to accept amend- ments put np by union. He said as be left a meeting With Mr Norman Wi His, TUG general secretary : The board day that only nine of the 64 5olihull schools balloted failed to produce a two-thirds majority in favour -of an indefi- nite work-to-nile. a similar pattern of support across tbe .country- .

Your complete is a direct reason for Tent collapse in sterling. mitted to their document are Leaders from South Wales are accepted." expected to urge ■ NUM Harkine back : to the talks weekend-before-last. Emlyn Williams, South Wales area president, said he and his colleagues were call- ing for- “an appraisal of the situation” BRITON FACES 250 LASHES ‘ Testament to courage ’ Farley, a t^eyarrifk father | p^debf^id ^Stecdav* that ' A British engineer faces 250 board W -.ignoring, the lashes and;twp and a half years fact that 80 per cent of those who joined the strike were still out.

a cut in Federal funds rate in 2 Jmn H failed to eain New York, plus Mr V Dicker's But the pound /f,- r , ® r . r fhv MB nfpnnics lower Hie do Ii ST Hi Uicd before the STbeman mark, in spite of close of business, but still closed some good British trade figures lower ou balance against all and further evidence that the leading currencies except ster- miners' strike is crumbling fast.

The dollar fell by four pfennigs in a matter of minutes and the pound rose almost two cents to SI -06 amid rumours that central YDl UVCli IIGh U Vi tuv M ~ -Jiruu hthiu imi.iwmio — States Federal Reserve Board banks had at last mounted a of the size of the American joint attack on the dollar, trade and budget deficits i n the event this seems un- heloed to stem the world likely, and traders clamed that wide rush for dollars. England, Wales: Patchy fog clearing inland, sunny spells.

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