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The wound was inflicted shortly after she got off the 111 bus from Kingston upon Thames at the stop on Percy Road.

Kate Sheedy, then aged 18, was run over as she crossed the road near an entrance to an industrial estate in Isleworth on .

"He was lovely at first, charming, then completely controlling and evil.

They all said the same," said Detective Sergeant Jo Brunt.[Bellfield] has a massive ego to feed, he thinks he's God's gift to everyone.

Bellfield was rearrested and charged with Amélie Delagrange's murder on 2 March 2006, along with the attempted murder of Kate Sheedy and the attempted murder and causing grievous bodily harm to Irma Dragoshi.

On , Bellfield was charged with the murder of Marsha Mc Donnell.

Marsha Louise Mc Donnell, a 19-year-old woman, died in hospital, two days after being admitted, as a result of being beaten over the head with a blunt instrument near her home in Hampton, London, in February 2003.

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He drives around in his car, feels a bit 'whatever' and sees some young blonde girl.

Young blonde girl says 'go away' and he thinks 'you dare to turn down Levi Bellfield, you're worth nothing' and then she gets a whack over the head. She was smart enough to think she didn't like the look of his car and crosses the road.

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