Sex dating in harrisonburg louisiana

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A person convicted of a crime involving sexual motivation such as rape, sexual assault, and sex trafficking is classified as a sex offender.

This type of offender is mandated by law to notify local law enforcement whenever there are changes in their information.

Please see the list of Louisiana criminal charges for which we offer expungements.

However, some of these charges can't be expunged if convicted.

An expungement is the process of removing a record of arrest or conviction from public view. A motion must be filed with the court requesting that the court order various agencies to remove the record.

Benefits may include obtaining employment, getting your TWIC card, obtaining housing, and government programs.

This is done to help assure the court that the defendant will show up once the trial starts. If the defendant cannot pay the bond, he can still secure his release through a bondsman. This means that he secures the release of the defendant by signing the bond and will be held liable for paying the entire amount if the defendant skips bail.

A bondsman’s fee is usually 10% of the bail amount.

Alcohol Crimes Minor in Possession of Alcohol – MIP expungement Unlawful sales to persons under twenty-one expungement Purchase and public possession of alcoholic beverage expungement Open Container expungement Public Intoxication expungement Public Drunk expungement DWI First Offense, Second Offense, Third Offense, Fourth offense expungement Refusal expungement Disturbing the peace expungement Assault Simple Assault expungement Aggravated assault expungement Assault by drive-by shooting expungement Aggravated assault police officer expungement Aggravated assault with firearm expungement Aggravated assault upon a utility service employee with a firearm expungement Aggravated assault with a motor vehicle upon a peace officer expungement Domestic abuse aggravated assault expungement Arson Aggravated arson expungement Injury by arson expungement Simple arson expungement Simple arson of a religious building expungement Negligent arson expungement Arson with intent to defraud expungement Communicating of false information of planned arson expungement Manufacture and possession of delayed action incendiary devices; penalty expungement Manufacture and possession of a bomb expungement Battery Battery expungement Aggravated battery expungement Second degree battery expungement Battery of a police officer expungement Battery of a school teacher expungement Battery of a school or recreation athletic contest official expungement Battery of a correctional officer expungement Battery of a bus operator expungement Disarming of a peace officer expungement Aggravated second degree battery expungement Battery of Emergency Room Personnel expungement Battery of a dating partner expungement Aggravated assault upon a dating partner expungement Simple battery expungement Battery of a child welfare or adult protective service worker expungement Simple battery of infirmed expungement Domestic abuse battery expungement Burglary Aggravated burglary expungement Unauthorized entry of a critical infrastructure expungement Criminal damage to a critical infrastructure expungement Simple burglary expungement Simple burglary of an inhabited dwelling expungement Criminal Damage to Property Aggravated criminal damage to property expungement Simple criminal damage to property expungement Criminal damage to property by defacing with graffiti expungement Criminal damage to historic buildings or landmarks by defacing with graffiti expungement Damage to property with intent to defraud expungement Criminal Mischief expungement Criminal Trespass expungement Domestic Violence Domestic Abuse Battery expungement Domestic Abuse felony expungement Domestic abuse aggravated assault expungement Driving Offenses Hit and Run expungement Reckless Driving expungement Careless Operation expungement DWI and Drunk Driving DUI DUI Arrests expungement DWI expungement Felony DWI expungement Covington DWI expungement Drug Crimes Felony Possession of Drugs expungement Conspiracy to Distribute Drugs expungement Drug Distribution expungement Drug Diversion expungement Drug Manufacturing expungement Drug Possession expungement Drug Sales expungement Drug Trafficking in Louisiana expungement Drug Treatment expungement Drug Transportation expungement Heroin Possession expungement Heroin Distribution expungement Marijuana Possession expungement Marijuana Possession with Intent to Distribute expungement Methamphetamine Possession expungement Meth Possession with Intent to Distribute expungement Misdemeanor Drug Charges expungement Possession of Drugs with Intent to Sell expungement Prescription Drugs Possession or Sale expungement Medical Marijuana expungement Simple Possession expungement Schedule 1 drug expungement Schedule 2 drug expungement Schedule 3 drug expungement Schedule 4 drug expungement Schedule 5 drug expungement Gun Charges Illegal possession of stolen firearms expungement Possession of firearm by persons convicted of domestic abuse expungement Possession of firearm by convicted felon expungement Illegal Carrying of Weapons expungement Illegal Use of Weapons expungement Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon expungement Homicide Murder expungement Attempted murder expungement Manslaughter expungement Negligent Homicide expungement Vehicular Homicide expungement Illegal Possession expungement Illegal possession of stolen things expungement Malfeasance in Office expungement Malfeasance in Office; sexual conduct prohibited expungement Negligent Injuring Negligent inuring expungement Vehicular negligent injuring expungement First degree vehicular negligent injuring expungement Obscenity expungement Obstructing Highway Aggravated obstruction of a highway of commerce expungement Simple obstruction of a highway of commerce expungement Offenses Against Police Resisting an Officer expungement Flight from an officer expungement Aggravated flight from an officer expungement Simple escape expungement False personation expungement False personation of a peace officer expungement Prostitution Soliciting for Prostitutes expungement Prostitution expungement Pandering expungement Promoting Prostitution expungement Prostitution by Massage expungement Robbery Armed robbery expungement First degree robbery expungement Carjacking expungement Armed robbery; attempted armed robbery; use of firearm; additional penalty expungement Second degree robbery expungement Simple robbery expungement Purse snatching expungement Theft Crimes Auto Theft expungement Public Corruption expungement Bank Fraud expungement Contractor Fraud expungement Credit Card Fraud expungement Embezzlement expungement Extortion expungement Felony Theft expungement Forgery expungement Insurance Fraud expungement Misdemeanor Theft expungement Misapplication of Payments expungement Money Laundering expungement Perjury expungement Prescription Fraud expungement Shoplifting expungement Theft expungement Theft of Motor Vehicle expungement Unauthorized Entry Unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling expungement Unauthorized entry of a place of business expungement Looting expungement Unauthorized entry of a dwelling during an emergency or disaster expungement Home invasion expungement Criminal trespass expungement Entry on or remaining in places or on land after being forbidden expungement Aiding and abetting others to enter or remain on premises where forbidden expungemen Unauthorized Use Unauthorized Use of Movable expungement Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle expungement Violation of Protective Orders expungement Contact our Covington criminal lawyers at 985-888-0009 for more information.

Results May Include: Arrests, Bookings, Arrest Date, Mugshot, Offender ID, Custody Status, Location of Offender, Aliases. She serves as the Recorder of Deeds and Mortgages, Treasurer for the Court System, Custodian of Voting Machines, and Chief Election Officer. The Warden of the Catahoula Correctional Center is Pat Brook. The Catahoula Parish Sheriff’s Office posts their jail roster online.

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