Setup failed updating region

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That’s right, when you upgraded, your old version of Windows didn’t just disappear into thin air.

We're not a fan of some of the data-sharing defaults in Windows 10, and we'd recommend all users review them periodically.If Windows 10 update KB4511553 stuck during download at 0% or 99% or completely failed to install, it might be that something went wrong with the file itself.May the update database gets corrupted, Internet connection interrupted during downloading update files from Microsoft server, Any security software blocking updates to get installed on your system etc.Hi, I have win 10 build 10240 and I noticed that I have two failed updates and one successful one: How do I get the system to reinstall the failed updates?I pressed the "Check for updates" button, but it tells me my system is up to date. Sometimes, "Definition updates for Windows Defender" that fail to download and install in Windows Updates can be made to install by going to the Control Panel, Windows Defender, and clicking the Update tab.

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