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Also, there is a difference in the way the execution engine handles them: according to the specification, a Graph QL server must guarantee that mutations are executed consecutively, while queries can be executed in parallel.In the example mutation above, we are asking a server to authenticate the user via their email address in this way: That’s all we need to know about mutations from the theory side.For that, we’re going to add a panel showing a user’s name if he is logged in and “Sign In” button otherwise: .

Simultaneously explore data from multiple tables bind via foreign keys or virtual foreign keys.Finally, register our new mutations in the HTML element: we want to be clickable to show the update form. These components are so similar that we can put most of the logic into the reusable finds it in cache and makes changes (components are re-rendered too). We learned the difference between mutations and queries, learned how to implement them at the back-end, and how to use them from the front-end.Now our application supports user sign-in and library management, so it is almost ready to be deployed to production!In this article, we’re going to introduce mutations—a data-modification mechanism from Graph QL.From the client perspective, mutations look like queries, with one subtle difference—they start with the “mutation” node: ) data.

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