Saturday night live online dating skit

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Episode date: April 15 The background players in this basketball movie were great at saying "'sup," popping the rock, and doing bellyflops.

America's premiere sketch-comedy show returns for its 35th season LIVE from Studio 8H in New York City.

(And then, of course, there was Chadmas -- just as good, and it gave us the "Doink Doink.") Thanks be to Chad.

Episode date: November 4 New castmember Heidi Gardner was having somewhat of a quiet season until she hit the Weekend Update desk as Angel, "Every Boxer's Girlfriend From Every Movie About Boxing Ever." Her self-explanatory character stole that week's show, earning big laughs by endlessly threatening to take her kids to her sister's house -- and encouraging Colin Jost to take note in increasingly not-so-subtle ways. Episode date: March 4 Whether impersonating politicians or celebs, MVP Kate Mc Kinnon has been damn near perfect this year.

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That's what happened with this disaster at the Canyon Galleria Shopping Center, where an underground gas main exploded and almost killed the patrons of an American Girl Store. Episode date: December 2 Following October's dam-breaking Harvey Weinstein news, several powerful men in virtually every industry were outed as habitual predators.It was kind of "tribal yet futuristic." Yeah, or basically the Papyrus font -- the same thing used for hookah bars, Shakira merch, and off-brand teas. Episode date: January 21 This year's "Space Pants" was the beautifully simple, weird, and cheesy escape we needed immediately following Trump's inauguration. Like Atamanuik's Trump, Mc Carthy's Spicey was five-star comedic activism, a surprise that will be hard to forget.It is, as Ryan Gosling's hilarious descent into madness portrays, an unshakable nightmare. Bobby Moynihan's animatronic drumming, in particular, was worthy of a trophy. quickly on this morning news segment, when a word mixup turned Mikey Day's animal photographer, Danny Bangs, into an animal pornographer. Two lesbian voyagers (Aidy Bryant, Kate Mc Kinnon) docked at Themyscira, hoping to address the gay subtext of the movie's all-women island.The chyron never caught up, sound bites took on multiple meanings, a scandal ensued. Instead, the Amazon warriors unintentionally teased their visitors with compliments, shows of wrestling, and one big kiss.

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