Rudall carte flute dating

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Those that could fled to America and Australia, significantly influencing attitudes and the folk culture in those developing nations.

In other parts of the world, we saw Greek and Belgian independence, The Great Trek in South Africa, wars in Afghanistan, China and the Crimea, continuing social upheaval in France, the opening up of Japan and mutiny in India.

The old eight key flutes became a common find in junk shops, and were eagerly sought after by Irish musicians, most of whom would not have been able to afford them previously.

A new life for the eight key instrument was emerging.

By 1847 the new instrument was perfected and slowly but surely took over from the eight key.Marks on remaining instruments seem to suggest that slots for keys were cut by a guided scraping tool, probably not dissimilar to a modern metal lathe cross slide.Researcher Robert Bigio suggests that the workmen probably worked not from plans but from templates and gauges.In the still very young colony of Australia, exploration, settling of the interior of the country, end to convict transportation and gold were some of the main features of the period.In Ireland, the failure of the potato crop over a number of years caused the death of over a million people from starvation, even though the country continued to export food in large amounts to England.

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