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Online dating profiles can sometimes be so frustratingly thorough: annoying to fill out, annoying to read, annoying to attempt to achieve the ultimate combination of accessible and mysterious.But if you can’t be bothered to list your favorite books, movies, and the six things you can never live without, alternative sources will match you for dates using the things you do anyway—browsing reddit and watching funny Internet videos.Then again, perhaps this is the current generation’s variety of tools for experimentation.Our parents had Studio 54, swinging parties, and cocaine. I can't even see messages unless I subscribe to their shitty premium service.I don't really want to do Tinder or any of its clones.I first tried Ok Cupid a few years ago and had a little success, but ended up deleting my account.Recently I thought I'd give it another try, but apparently it's hot garbage now.

You say hello, make small talk, and eventually discover some common ground.

Sites like 4.everalone reduce dating again to straightforward commonality. Simplicity can make it too hard to ascertain certain info before agreeing to meet someone—that they aren't a shut-in, latent racist, or have a bedroom that contains Darth Vader sheets and posters.

And, we hate to say it, but the sites are possibly unsafe and possibly ineffective.

Real, established dating sites have a few years of history now.

They have a number of success stories and positive statistics to back them up, even if those data points are more marketing ploy than science.

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