Reasons for dating a tennis player

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After a turbulent end to her engagement with Andrew Brady in 2018, it looks like Caroline Flack might be ready to move on as she was spotted having a PDA moment with former tennis player, Lewis Burton.

Having wrapped up this year's Love Island, Caroline flew to Ibiza where she met Lewis and the pair spent the day partying at O Beach, the club which is owned by Wayne Lineker.

The story goes that Serena went to go sit in the pool area and order breakfast.

Meanwhile, Alexis, who was a bit hung over from a night of drinking with Kristen Wiig, sat down at a nearby table.

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Most tennis fans will tell you that Serena Williams is GOAT (Greatest of All Time).I would love to get married and have kids.” : “He got his agent to call my agent,” Decker said.The couple got married in 2009 in Austin, Texas, and she was been a fixture on the sidelines of Roddick’s matches until he retired from pro tennis last year."Lewis has been a true gent to Caroline and has patiently waited to see her.The source continued that due to Love Island, Caroline has been flying between London and Mallorca a lot and so, they haven't got a chance to spend a lot of time together until now.

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