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Many Christians will get involved with non-Christians in hopes that one day their partner will find Christ and know Him.While there is no issue with you trying to bring the one you’re dating closer to Christ, you need to know whether they have or are open to having a relationship with Christ and if they are, that they want it for the right reasons.Because they don’t have that Christian foundation, their values may not be in line with yours, which can take you down a path of sin, separation and non-forgiveness, only further separating you from Christ.If you end up dating a non-Christian there’s probably already a part of you that’s compromising your values and standards for that person, which again raises the question of what comes first: your relationship with God, or the relationship with your partner?If they have underlying issues with Christ, they may feel the same way when it comes to your kids.Just because a person says that they know Christ, doesn’t mean they have a personal relationship with Him.

Does the Bible truly teach monogamy / monogamous relationships? Is it okay to have premarital sex if you know you are going to marry the person?

If an unmarried couple has sex, are they married in God's eyes?

Should a married person have a close friend of the opposite sex?

Can you give me some Christian relationship advice?

Is it right for a Christian to date or marry a non-Christian? Premarital sex - why are Christians so strongly against it? Why is sexual temptation a bigger problem for men than for women?

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