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I would have to remove any indication of my race from my profile.But leaving the race category blank only led to more aggravation. It became such a pain in the ass that I gave up dating only after one Summer & decided to concentrate on School/work.

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However, I am white and that’s why I write this article from my point of view.

Confession: The Angry Independent has never had a girlfriend/relationship, never been kissed, and has never even asked a woman out…and I’m in my mid 30’s. Most men would have already blown their brains out by now.

Currently I’m not dating anyone and I haven’t been on a date in several years. I guess that means that I pretty much fall into the category of “loser”.

Anyone who still doubts this phenomenon is in a serious state of denial. The other side is that I don’t tend to have it any easier with non-Black women.

I tend to be more attracted to non-Black women, but they generally aren’t attracted to me.

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