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There was also a brickyard at SN 1880 4595 from c1835 to c1860 where a 'Brickyard Cottage' still exists.

This brickworks does not appear on any OS maps but Dr.

Park Brick and Tile Co Ltd is on the 1884 OS map and appears to be active until after 1948. I don't know whether 'S Morgan Junr', 'T Parry Jones' and 'William H Lee' were owners at some time or they were made to order by the Park company.

'Pilot', with its reversed letter 'N', could have been a brand or trade name.

it appears to be owned by Edward Oakland Co Ltd until the company was wound up in 1945.

The company also appear to have owned Park Hill Brickworks, Wombwell, W Yorks.

Garth Brick and Drain Pipe Works was situated some 550 metres east of the village of Garth, and was served by a railway siding from the goods yard of the Central Wales Railway at Garth. A brick-built terrace of seven cottages and a post office and further cottage, on the south side of the A 483 may have been associated with the brick works.

This brickworks was working by 1885 but had gone by 1901.One of three brickworks near the small village of Kerry.This 'brickfield' is shown on maps from 1901 to 1963, but appears to be little more than a claypit.By 1919 it had become the Cardigan Brickworks Co but it hit hard times and closed finally in 1925, the stack was demolished in 1927, the rest of the site being cleared soon afterwards.The historical photos are from the Donald Davies Collection, all taken 1869-76 by J T Mathias, courtesy of Glen Johnson.

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