Pisces dating gemini Macau russiansex

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When Pisces melts happily into the loving embrace, Gemini plans to fly away.

Gemini is an air sign and even though it earns them the rep of being flighty, they lightly touch down here and there.

These partners approach sex life as if they were entirely set apart from reality.

While one of them idealizes it senseless, the other will rationalize and make things a lot more complicated than they actually are.

Knowing this, they could get too cozy and relax a bit too much, both of them leading private lives hidden from their partner.

The built-in pitfalls here have to do with the sensitivity of Pisces, and the Twins' need for total freedom.With Pisces being the sign of Mercury’s fall and Gemini standing for communication itself, a problem between these partners is mostly set on an intellectual plane.The most important thing for their bond is to not see each other as stupid, but try to find the point of understand that keeps us all equal.Resistance between them will show as soon as a Gemini partner sees the person standing in front of them as someone unaware of what seems to be an obvious reality.If they are to stay together and understand each other’s emotional roles, they will have to embrace the power of feelings and words equally and give unconditional respect to one another.

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