Paul dinello and amy sedaris dating peterburg dating

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The reason that's a montage now is because I did such a bad job that day. Then the heat, I remember when I had to do the classroom scene where I come in and describe the bomb – pitch black. I couldn't concentrate, I couldn't think of anything. Then I had the fatty suit on, and I lost at least 12 pounds.

I just had a really difficult time getting into Jerri with those stitches. AC: I don't mean to pry into a personal health matter, but was that surgery something that was scheduled, or was it sudden? The only scene I didn't wear the fatty suit in was in the car scene where I'm waiting for my mom to come out of the house and I'm honking the horn, I just left my boxer shorts on. I wasn't spitting that food out because I was so hungry.

We were fine either way, but the last episode we wrote assuming that the show was going to get canceled, so that's why we went out with that.

And so to memorize lines and monologues and understand what happened before and after, I'm just like, "How can I be in the moment if I know what happens after this and I have all these lines to say? So, when I try to act, you can see it, because I already know what I'm going to say.

It's like you know you're going to get hit in the head with a baked potato, and you already see it coming. That's why, when they ask me to do a part in a movie, I'm like, "How many lines is it?

AC: Who wrote the line "I like the pole and the hole?

" AS: That I actually got from my little brother, Paul Sedaris, who's really funny.

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