Patience dating quotes

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Here’s why: –The divorce from his first wife may have been settled amicably but and accept that he will still have to maintain contact with his ex and the child or children they had together. – Most men like a particular type of girl so you may look like his ex.Accept that there might be some similarities and traits between you and his ex but don’t dwell on what these might be.None of us are perfect; we cannot be patient all of the time, but once you understand the importance of patience for a healthy loving relationship, you will be a much more balanced person.Patience is not something you’re born with; it’s something you acquire over the years, it’s a skill that you can learn and like any skill, you get better at it over the years.

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Dinner’s in the oven you set the table, you make sure you are looking your best and all ready for a romantic evening.

What you can do if you are still in the honeymoon stage of your relationship is to be prepared for this sort of situation happening again.

Tell him how infuriating it is to be kept waiting, make sure he understands that you want to support him emotionally but that you have a life too.

Just think instead, how comforting it will be for him to find you there when he comes home, how much you will help him to unwind simply by your presence.

Your boyfriend has a legitimate reason for this unscheduled overtime at work; it does not mean he doesn’t love you.

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