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I hope that this information helps speed up the process of addressing your wedding save-the-dates!Don’t forget to bookmark this page for future reference because all of this info applies to addressing wedding invitations as well.If you do know what color scheme or style you’d like, go ahead and choose something with the same cohesive style.However, if you want to have a little more fun, it’s common for couples to choose creative save-the-date cards and leave the formality to the wedding invitations.

This is when a little bribe for your bridal party crew is in order.Spell out her title and full name first and then the husband’s full name.Unless there is not enough room on the invitation, guests with titles should be spelled out in full (e.g., Doctor, Reverend, or Captain) Many couples wonder if they need to match their save the date cards to their wedding theme.If unmarried, put second name on a separate line, with the name of the person you know first.If you know them both equally well, rely on alphabetical order.

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