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Even for dishes, unless it’s your habit to let them dry out dirty.The locals mostly wash dishes immediately after use – it keeps the roaches from becoming interested. Cooking, whether by electricity or gas, involves turning on a heat source, which makes the kitchen hotter. One alternative is a pressure cooker, which tenderizes meat in a quarter the time, cooks beans f-a-s-t and also heats the kitchen minimally. Life since I got here has been about adjusting to different conditions, doing things a different way, shifting my way of thinking.But it has also become prohibitively expensive in the past few years.And that’s important to me these days, because my sole visible means of support lies in the egg the Eagle lays for me each month.But more frequently than quite often there is a solid reason for the way the locals do the things they do or don’t do. I used to love planting stuff against my house to soften the line of the foundation and make a bit of a frame for the house.In the tropics, plants are not encouraged to grow too near a building.

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The local detergents work just fine with cool water in the kitchen and the laundry.So I’m sharing what I’ve learned about being fit down here, staying well in the tropics, and getting better when you do get sick. All these Secrets of the South can be yours, simply by reading this blog. Panama“Whhoooo,” said the Catepillar to Alice, “arrr yooou? Every one loves to be called “brave.” I didn’t really see myself that way at the time, so it felt like free praise, but I realize now they were probably right.There are bugs you should not touch, swamps you might not want to visit, places you probably should not go. ”)When I first headed off to Central America in 2011, an older single woman, my friends all told me how brave I was. I’ve always blithely walked into situations my more prudent sisters would probably avoid.It’s tough to find heavy cooking pans down here, except the really big ones suitable for making for fifty. A popular local objective is to get whatever-it-is cooked and turn off the heat source. We (the mouse in my pocket and the editor in my head) have a few favorite topics.Fun with Spanish: It’s soooo easy to embarrass yourself when speaking a new language, and often so very funny if you look at life that way.

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