Online dating rural areas

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If you've been in an area long enough you may have luck with a few people who are interested in you. We're both natives and grew up an hour away from each other and had really never visited each other's home town.

I imagine it’s easier if you’re in or closer to a larger city, but if you’re not (or have things preventing you from traveling to one) it can be pretty discouraging!

As someone who has lived here my entire life and is in my mid-20s, things aren’t great.

A lot of people my age have left/are leaving the state, so that cuts down the number of prospective local partners considerably.

Besides a few restaurants and dingy bars, there’s not a lot of things to do for dates or opportunities to meet new people.

I always hear advice to meet people by “finding new hobbies” and whatnot, but that’s hard to do when there’s not a lot available in such a rural area.

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