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For a start most dates are in bars or cafes, which the locations are great, but for me it’s about trying to work out quickly the best place we can sit to chat.

My subconscious checklist will be as follows: Let’s say I had a few dates where I thought I had it all correct.

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As a deaf guy, I could not hear them and being polite I would tell them I lip read by saying “can you speak to my face”, the action also includes a subconscious gentle pushing away the girl to see her face.

You can be sure there will be people thinking this is too hard and not worth finding out more about me.

The fear of stigma still resonates on paper for many deaf Australians, all simply trying to find their way.

It’s not all doom and gloom, I had some success on getting dates with women.

When I do and these are mainly with women who may not have had a conversation with a deaf man before.

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