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The four friends wanted to catch the impression of the moment and to show the effects of light.The Impressionists used quick brush strokes and bright colors.

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In fact, child marriage is a prime obstacle to global efforts to promote gender equality and universal education while eradicating poverty, hunger, disease and violence.

In the eyes of their critics these paintings looked unfinished and sloppily made.

It was clear that the Impressionist works would be refused by the Salon. He used very strong colors - often reds and oranges - and thick brush strokes.

So the Impressionists established their own "Salon des Refuses". Every artist who paid a small fee, was allowed to show his art works. His favorite subjects were young, buxom, nude girls.

Stricken with severe arthritis, he was hardly able to hold the brush any more. The change in style that lasted from about 1903 to the end of his life, was certainly imposed by his disease.

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