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The downside is that downloading it can make you want to pull out your own teeth. Their software works directly from the web, reducing the need to download external plugins and applications.

For those remote businesses after something short-term, don’t waste your time. This platform comes with a cool feature called whiteboarding, which allows members to see what you’re putting onto virtual paper in real-time, making for effective collaboration.

Where video conferencing was once plagued by choppy video, unexpected outages, syncing problems, confusing controls and hardware/software incompatibility issues, Go To Meeting provides an uncomplicated, dependable and high-quality instant video option that will change the way you communicate.

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It has been the most consistently performing, and has the most consistently highest quality, of any of the many solutions we’ve tried. Easily join or host video conferences from anywhere in the world on your i OS or Android device.

You can even preview what your webcam will show if you want to check your picture quality. On Mac, open the Webcams drop-down menu to access the same preferences.

As long as I’ve been here, Go To Meeting has been the workhorse of all my online interactions, second only to old-fashioned email.

User friendliness - 4/5 Price - Entry - £7.99 per user per month Standard - £14.99 per user per month Premium - £19.99 per user per month Trial period - Yes, there’s a 14-day free trial for all users subscribing to any package.

Google Hangouts is a brilliant tool for remote businesses looking to conference on the casual.

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