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Be suspicious if your online paramour tells you he's on a top secret mission in an ultra-secret, exciting location and only wants to communicate via email, or asks you to send something to a non-military mailing address.

Information also can include: Information available differs widely based on when the logbook was created.If a soldier requests things that are provided by the military or are unnecessary, such as transportation costs, communication fees, marriage processing, vacation time fees, and medical fees, that's a huge red flag that something is not right.So, if a soldier really is in Afghanistan, he or she will have a corresponding military mailing address.Impressment of American Sailors Of all the causes for the War of 1812, the impressment of American sailors into the Royal Navy was the most important for many Americans.The British practice of manning naval ships with "pressed" men, who were forcibly placed into service, was a common one in English history, dating back to medieval times.

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