Ms project dependencies not updating

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You have probably already spotted that when summary tasks were used to link the modules in the example above, Developer's 1 and 2 had periods of down time.The Resource Usage view below clearly shows the down time.A summary task or summary activity is made up of subtasks and summarises those subtasks.MS Project automatically calculates summary task information (such as duration and cost) using the information in the subtasks.

Linking summary tasks can result in the same warning message.

Linking summary tasks can have some negative consequences for planning so while MS Project allows summary tasks to be linked you may decide to avoid this altogether.

I have tried to find positive reasons for linking summary tasks, other than saving time by simplifying the creation of the plan dependencies.

This would reduce the time between builds and the overall plan timescale.

Removing the logic from the summary activity enables the project planner to identify these efficiencies see below.

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