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Also you should have some experience using which are describing the steps to compile and install an application.So it's far easy to port software to OS X using Mac Ports but every computer has to compile the application. After you installed Mac Ports, run to update Mac Ports to the latest version. But since X11 is not the native Desktop for OS X, things went a little worse.The default text search configuration will be set to "english". Next, we will set the the database to start when the system start.As instructed by Mac Ports as shown at the end of the installation (see above), run the following command to start the process and enable the autostart through the OS X Afterward, you may create additional user, schema, or database as you needed.Running on platforms other than mac OS is not the main focus of The Mac Ports Project, so remaining cross-platform is not an actively-pursued development goal.

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I was listening to Webchick's presentation on Upgrading YOUR Module to Drupal 8 (https://

The full list of requirements to run Mac Ports on these other platforms is as follows (we assume you have the basics such as GCC and X11): Normally you must install from source or from an git checkout to run Mac Ports on any of these platforms.

Help on a wide variety of topics is also available in the project Guide and through our Trac portal should you run into any problems installing and/or using Mac Ports.

I figure I'm not the only one running into this (although I'm late to the D8 upgrade game, so maybe so! If you are on a Mac, you're probably using Vbox, MAMP, or Macports.

I'm going to describe installing composer in an environment using Macports. It's quite possible that there's some jinky package name that would have resulted in composer being installed, but I was feeling particularly ornery and impatient tonight, so I moved on without checking.

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