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Two college degrees ago, I approached all club nights with a very specific understanding: The guys were most likely going to go for my light-skinned friend all night.It didn't affect how I dressed or whether or not I wore makeup, and it certainly never stopped me from dancing the night away to the Top 40 playlists or my favorite southern ratchet hip-hop records.

See, the way colorism plays out has evolved since college. So now, you're going to need a description and I've got a simple one: I look black as hell. " inquiry — always coupled with compliments on my "pretty" look — because of a specific strand of racism reserved for not just black people, but for black African-American people who are dark-skinned. This is why black people from the Caribbean or from other parts of Central and South America, are often viewed as "cultured" and "exotic" while that is not a widely-used description for African-Americans.

There to be something else in your cultural background to help them rationalize the attraction they feel toward you, despite those stereotypes about African-American people. It's evidenced by his refusal to accept that I am "just black" and wanting to pry some faux-information about me being from elsewhere.

It all tumbles out on the dance floor."I'm black" is usually my first answer when I'm asked, despite looking it, obviously."But you're so pretty though. " is usually what they counter with."North Carolina.""No, but what country are you from originally? This racial background interview conducted to the tunes of French Montana or some '90s throwback is annoying.

Outside of letting men know that their participation in colorism is gross and can be used against them, there was not much else I could do to combat it.

As a light-skinned woman, I fully understand that there are privileges I had in the dating game simply based on my complexion.

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