Leisha hailey who is she dating

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See link Of course, it doesn't mean much, does it Kate?Her refusal to answer the sexuality question is hard because she is one of the only actresses I can think of where coming out as straight may actually damage her career and right ... she and that girl were at ok gallery ..i can't believe they called her her girlfriend ..maybe she just a female friend nobody knows ..

i mean she is friend to amanda moore , francesca gregorini , clea duvall,leisha hailey ??? Not that that necessarily means much...[/i]Well Leisha and Erin Daniel were friend doesn't mean ED is gay, although KM is still gay as the day is long. You're haters, to say that Kate is ugly and unknown.In the meantime, watch our video interview with the lesbian star at the premiere of her new flick!which was renewed for a sixth season back in October.She also recently announced shortly after Republication Senator Jeff Flake announced he wouldn’t be seeking reelection that she would be stepping up and running for the Senate in 2018.This blonde bombshell has never been married, and doesn’t have any children. We have some serious powerhouse lesbian and bi women in politics right now, and out lesbian Tammy Baldwin is no newcomer to facing adversity and making tough choices for the good of the country.

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