Kris williams dating josh gates

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His hosting skills have not only earned him fame and recognition, but he also met the future Mrs. In fact, Hallie Gnatovich is a former star of Destination Truth herself!

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Currently, Stana works as a Couples & Family Therapist at South Shore Family Health Collaborative. Gnatovich has a younger brother who goes by the name Steven.

We met so many people there who claimed to have seen a mystery primate (including credible researchers), and the jungles are really impermeable.

Also, there's no doubt in my mind that there are still big discoveries to be made in the depths of the world's oceans.window.___r = {"account Manager Modal Data":,"active Modal Id":null,"ads":,"api Request State":,"approved Submitters":,"author Flair":,"awards":,"badges":,"banned":,"block User":,"brand Safety":,"categories":,"chat":,"claim Gold":,"comments":{"collapsed":,"drafts":,"focused":,"hidden":,"is Editing":,"models":{"t1_cnhsk1o":,"t1_cnhs0xp":,"t1_cnhs43t":,"t1_cni0q21":,"t1_cnhsesf":{"edited At":null,"is Stickied":false,"is Mod":false,"post Author":null,"is Score Hidden":false,"id":"t1_cnhsesf","is Deleted":false,"is Author Cakeday":true,"author":"phazeiserotic","media":{"richtext Content":{"document":[{"c":[{"e":"text","t":"How crazy was it getting spooked in Antarctica?

I’ve slept in King Tut’s tomb, explored the Island of the Dolls, and spent a night wandering around Chernobyl because it seemed like a good idea at the time (it wasn’t).

Prior to Expedition Unknown, I spent the last 5 years hunting monsters (no, seriously) and investigating reportedly haunted places around the world on Syfy’s Destination Truth.

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