Joe budden dating esther baxter

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According to her own confession, Esther Baxter, who was born in Miami, Florida, USA, on 24 September 24, 1984, always liked to spend time with the boys, since she grew up with the brothers.

That brought her a first role in 2009, when she appeared in the comedy “Meet the Browns,” and then in “Speed-Dating.”In order to further improve her acting skills, she moved to Los Angeles in 2011, and enrolled in Acting Workshop by Tasha Smith.

It is assumed that pregnancy is one of the reasons why Esther stopped appearing in music videos.

She has been discreet over all these years, not giving up the name of the man who is the father of her kid.

Joe soon released the song he dedicated to his ex, “No Ordinary Love Shit Part 3.”Esther is currently seeing basketball player Alan Anderson.

After the media linked her to many famous men, like Desean Jackson and Quentin Richardson, Esther is apparently happy.

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