Is speed dating better than online dating

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If you are an extrovert or you are simply in need of a nice night out, this can be far more appealing than doing the whole bit that comes before a one on one date somewhere on your laptop.Get a Real Sense of the Dating Pool – And the Competition!Online, some people are simply ‘seeing what’s out there’, and aren’t that bothered about really getting into a relationship or dating regularly.

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This means that all the people at a speed dating event are at least to some degree committed to meeting people.

Speed dating can be a really fun way to meet potential dates that offers an exciting adventure so why not give it a go?

Once, the fear of being catfished (lured into a fictional relationship) warded singles off the world of online dating.

I read somewhere that after the numbers were crunched, the success rate for speed dating stood at 5-6%.

Not seen any sort of comparative literature/figures for OLD.

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